I'm a programmer at heart. I love digging into code and adding features, debugging, or creating something from scratch. Most of my work is with websites based on php or perl, with one or more databases.


L Linux, and other Unix based systems. I have a background in system administration, scripting, cron jobs, etc., so I can apply those skills when necessary.
A Apache - the most popular web server on the Internet, used by most hosting providers. I can configure htacces options, URL rewrites, redirects, etc.
M Mysql - a popular database system. I also work with other databases, though not as frequently. These include Oracle, SQL Server, and postgres.
P PHP a popular scripting language, used to build many popular appliations, such as Wordpress, ZenCart, OSCommerce, etc. I also program in Perl, Javascript, and can modify Html & css as well.

Not sure if I can do what you need? Just ask - I'll let you know my honest assessment of whether I can help.

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In addition to the foundation technologies above, I've worked specifically with these packages and API's: (not a comprehensive list, but you get the idea)
  • SunShop shopping cart
  • Stone Edge api programming
  • Adobe Connect api programming
  • WordPress
  • Google Maps api
  • Jquery
  • WooCommerce
  • Expression Engine
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Jim Roberts, PHP and Perl programmer